Trailblazing progress

Progress to July 2017

Project building blocks are now in place and partners (housing and non-housing alike) are excited to see how the new work programmes will impact. Over 50 attendees at the workshop in May shows the commitment. A key element now is to develop the training programmes and linked materials to help support the work of the staff.

  • Homelessness prevention hub:
    • 2 recruits commenced work.
    • Induction complete involving meeting partners who will be referring into the service and being trained themselves by the recruits. 
    • Referral form agreed and referrals started.
  • Private rent solutions service
    • 2 officers, one in post and induction complete.
    • Small interventions fund and marketing materials developed.
    • Referrals commenced and communications plan commences.
  • Trailblazer delivery service
    • 1 post recruited and completed induction, second post recruited after small delay.
    • Data research - system amendments to Civica developed, tested and made live in late June.
  • Website - development work ongoing.
  • Other
    • Data collected to meet new performance requirements using excel.
    • Prococol workshop in May 2017 led to draft Homelessness Protocol for Public Services Baord written.

What's next?

Our milestones for August onwards are...

  • Homelessness protocol to be considered and approved by Public Services Board, then wider partners will be invited to commit to the protocol.
  • Develop communications plan for private rent solutions service.
  • Develop homelessness prevention training materials including e-learning materials, script and flowchart.
  • Trailblazer team to contact local housing associations regarding evictions and encourage early interventions, preventing escalation.
  • Test new budgeting application in partnership with Making Money Count.

Progress to May 2017

  • Multi agency project board established including seven district councils and other public sector partners, e.g. County, Police and Registered Provider.
  • Job descriptions and person specifications prepared, advertised and interviewed leading to recruitment of 6 of the 7 posts.
  • National homelessness expert recruited to facilitate MOU development through multi agency workshop on 16 May 2017 which will lead to sign up by all agencies at Public Service Board, and others in future.
  • Website development underway through Making Money Count.
  • Software development underway to meet DCLG data research requirements.

What's next?

Our milestones from May onwards are...

  • Deliver workshop to develop our memorandum of understanding (MOU)
  • Newly recruited staff commence work
  • Marketing materials for private rent solutions service developed
  • Criteria for small interventions fund developed
  • Software amendments completed
  • Aim for MOU to be signed by Public Services Board, then to be spread more widely
  • Homeless Prevention Training materials and approach developed.