Supported housing funding


In January 2017 organisations are being asked by the government to consider the future funding of one aspect of supported housing. The consultation deadline is 13 February 2017. Here is a summary, taken from the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG) and the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) consultation paper:

Topic of consultation

This consultation seeks views on the design of the Government’s new housing costs funding model for supported housing, as well as views on how funding for emergency and short term placements should work.

It covers the following areas

  1. Devolved top-up funding to local authorities in England and
  2. Funding for emergency and short term supported housing placements across Great Britain.

Scope of this consultation

Housing costs funding for supported housing.

Geographical scope

This consultation seeks views on arrangements for funding the additional housing costs associated with providing supported housing in England, and on funding for emergency and short term placements across Great Britain.

Some useful links

Here are links to some useful resources

Are you responding to the consultation?

If you are responding to the consultation and would like to share your response with others in the ohusing sub-region, please email and Sue will add your letters on this page for others to read.

Thank you.