Specialist housing group

This page has been set up as resource for the specialist housing task and finish group, active in 2016-17.

"The project aims to identify specialist housing provision within the Cambridge housing sub-region for people with disabilities or ill-health, to understand the future need for specialist accommodation to support planning new developments and services." (from project brief)


To help the project progress, we plan to use this page to share useful documents, strategies, links and information each team member gathers. It is important the project builds on existing information and highlights gaps to be filled, but does not replicate existing data or work already being collated by teams in health, social care, housing, planning or other partners. In some cases, excellent data may already be available. This project may help by sharing such learning and extending good practice across the sub-region.


This area provides space to gather and share relevant data, strategies, JSNAs and related for the key groups identified. To ease navigation, the links here take you to each side-heading:

Physical disability including wheelchair use, and sensory disability

Link to JSNA on Adults with a Physical or Sensory Impairment and or Long Term condition 2008

Link to JSNA on Physical and Learning Disability through the Life Course 2013

Draft physical and sensory disability commissioning strategy was circulated to the group in May 2015, planned for Councillor approval around July 2015.

Learning disability including 16 to 25 year old care leavers with a learning disability

Link to JSNA on Adults with Learning Disability 2007/08

Link to JSNA on Physical and Learning Disability through the Life Course 2013

Learning Disability Partnership commissioning strategy 2014-2017

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Link to JSNA on Autism, Personality Disorders and Dual Diagnosis 2014

Commissioning strategy for Autism Spectrum Disorders has been drafted but still in early stages.

Mental ill-health

Link to JSNA on Mental Health in adults of working age 2010

Link to JSNA on the Mental Health of Children and Young People in Cambridgeshire 2013

Link to JSNA on Older People's Mental Health 2014

Brain injury

To be added

Any other groups requiring specialist housing design due to disability or ill health

To be added

Experimental maps

In early October 2016, we used a free on-line mapping tool at https://www.batchgeo.com/ to create maps of the supported housing identified in each  district, as part of the specialist housing project. By following the links below you can open an "on-line" map for each district, with every supported housing scheme represented by a pin. If you click on an individual "pin" you will find some detail about each scheme, including

  • the main group catered for:
    • blue pin for older peoples schemes
    • red pin for schemes for people with disabilities
    • green pin for homelessness schemes
  • the number of units
  • the provider 
  • some notes on clients groups, tenancy types and type of scheme
  • if available, a web address for the provider and/or scheme.

These maps are experimental - feedback is VERY welcome and will be used to improve the maps so they are as useful as possible. A screenshot (just to show the idea) and a link to the on-line map where you can click on the pins to find out details, and zoom in and out of, are provided below.


Experimental map showing Cambridge supported housing

Link to "clickable" map: https://www.batchgeo.com/map/f96a9c4c837eaf7a9935f778c7a831dc

East Cambridgeshire

ECDC experimental map showing supported housing

Link to "clickable" map: https://www.batchgeo.com/map/63132f2f6267ef4cc1dd5a5383c09bab


Fenland experimental map of supported housing

Link to "clickable" map: https://www.batchgeo.com/map/cee9e8d5f3f4d77bdff5297594cf9731

Forest Heath

forest heath experimental map of supported housing

Link to "clickable" map: https://www.batchgeo.com/map/056f86b1e70d13ead97a72c20d473ff4


Huntingdonshire experimental map of supported housing

Link to "clickable" map: https://www.batchgeo.com/map/5f29f3a8f02513005439afaa97990777


Peterborough experimental map of supported housing

Link to "clickable" map: https://www.batchgeo.com/map/4e844e7a38954b641a712eeb2b87cbce

South Cambridgeshire

Experimental map showing supported housing in South Cambridgeshire

Link to "clickable" map: https://www.batchgeo.com/map/578436f3818d99c82bb2712ae108cb1d

St Edmundsbury

St Edmundsbury experimental map showing supported housing

Link to "clickable" map: https://www.batchgeo.com/map/f557c69b612a8c53accdf88195fc9004


Note for project team members: please send resources to sue.beecroft@cambridge.gov.uk to upload. Thanks.