Previous SHMA: 2012

About the 2012 SHMA

All SHMA 2012 chapters have now been replaced by SHMA 2013 chapters, All chapters from 2012 onwards have the following sections:

  • Summary and contents page
  • Introduction
  • Facts and figures
  • Analysis
  • Background information.

Each section is colour coded to help navigate your way around the SHMA. The footer includes date of publication and page number.

Other "previous SHMA" pages provide all the archived chapters and appendices which have been replaced, updated or merged since they were first published, to help you compare changes over time.



Alongside the 2012 SHMA chapters, in May 2013 we launched updated versions of Chapter 12 and Chapter 13. These had been updated using 2010/11 and 2011/12 data, and new 2011 Census results, and were released to help inform local planning processes in line with the new National Planning Policy Framework.

In the months which followed, all the other detailed SHMA chapters were updated to align with Chapters 12 and 13, using the same data years and new Census results. The numbers in all the "supporting" chapters simply provide more background ot the neumbers presented in Chapter 12 and 13.

In March 2014, all the chapters, labelled SHMA 2013, are being launched to form a full and consistent suite of data for our housing market area. These chapters are available on the "SHMA current version" page.