SHMA 2013

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) 2013 is made up of fifteen chapters.

SHMA 2013 layout

Each chapter is labelled "SHMA 2013" and the header includes the chapter and section title. All chapters are set out in the following sections. These are colour coded to help you find your way around the SHMA:

  • Summary and contents page
  • Introduction (green header and margin)
  • Facts and figures (blue header and margin)
  • Analysis (orange header and margin)
  • Background information (grey header and margin).


SHMA 2013 cover page and combined contents list.

SHMA 2013 summary and explanation of objectively assessed need created by Cambridgeshire County Council Research and Performance Team, and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Joint Strategic Planning Unit.


Chapter 1  Introduction and background 2013 (354.9 KB)
Chapter 2  Defining our market area 2013 (2.42 MB)
Chapter 3  Economic and demographic context 2013 (872.6 KB)
Chapter 4  Dwelling profile 2013 (228.9 KB)
Chapter 5  Property purchase 2013 (668.2 KB)
Chapter 6  Private renting 2013 (703 KB)
Chapter 7  Social housing for rent 2013 (1.14 MB)
Chapter 8  Intermediate tenures 2013 (333.6 KB)
Chapter 9  Homelessness 2013 (747.7 KB)
Chapter 10  Incomes and affordability 2013 (1.24 MB)
Chapter 11  Plans and land availability 2013 (128 KB)
Chapter 12  Forecasts for homes of all tenures 2013 (999 KB)
Chapter 13  Identifying affordable housing need 2013 (257.6 KB)
Chapter 14  Size and type of homes 2013 (392.6 KB)
Chapter 15  Specific housing issues 2013 (2.0 MB)


About Population, Housing and Employment Forecasts Technical Report 2013

The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Joint Strategic Planning Unit and Chief Planning Officers commissioned Cambridgeshire County Council Research and Performance Team to produce this technical report to add value and provide guidance and support in developing homes and jobs targets in future stages of local plans. The indicative dwellings figures for the strategic housing market area are considered further in SHMA Chapter 12: Forecasts for homes of all tenures.

Population, Housing and Employment Forecasts Technical Report 2013 (1.09 MB)

Link to SHMA 2012 discussion note which sets out some issues and links between Chapters 12 and 13.


Preparing for planning inspection?

If you need all the SHMA chapters and the introductory notes to print ready for a planning inspection, here are two files for this purpose in pdf format. We do not generally encourage printing the whole thing but Inspectors need paper copies, so we are putting South Cambridgeshire's efforts preparing for thier inspection to good use, here: