Previous SHMA chapters

Older versions of Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) chapters are provided here for reference. Each chapter is labelled with its "SHMA year" in the file name.

Please visit the SHMA current version page for the latest update.

These pages represent an archive and are divided into pages for each update of the SHMA. However, not every chapter and appendix has been updated every year, so in some cases you need to refer to the previous version of a chapter - for example, in 2009 Chapter 12 Stock condition was not updated, so you will need ot refer to the 2008 SHMA.

Also, please bear in mind that the 2012 update involved reducing the number of chapters and appendices significantly, to help groups information by theme and to make it quicker and easier for readers to find information. This new structure reduced the number of chapters from 37 to 15 in total and merged appendices into the most relevant chapter where possible.