Partnership working

Priority: Promote the benefits good partnership working can bring to housing-related issues.

CRHB wants to promote the contribution housing makes to related issues including community safety, community involvement, affordable warmth, good health and social care. This page sets out CRHB's meeting papers, background information and terms of reference.

Guide to our local housing network

There is a huge network of groups involved in housing, and housing-related issues across our housing sub-region. Each year CRHB publishes a diagram of the current network of groups to help people see the links, or find out who to talk to, on any housing related issue. The network constantly changes so if you know a groups has stopped meeting, or a new one has been set up, please get in touch to let us know.

Housing providers

There are more than 70 'registered providers' who own and/or manage homes across our sub-region. These organisations may own and manage a huge number, or a handful of properties. They may be acitve in just one, or all seven districts in the housing sub-region. They are all regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency. You can find a list of housing providers and their websites on this page, to help you find out more. You can find more detailed infomraiton about the districts they operate in, and the types of homes they manage, here (link to Cambridgeshire Insight Open Data story).

Guide to health network

In a simialr way, CRHB produces a diagram of the health and wellbeing network to help people understand how groups link, and some of the areas and issues different groups cover. This is not exhaustive but aims to help people make a start on understanding "the system" locally, especially in a time of rapid change.

About Local Commissioning Groups

Map of local commissioning groups in Cambridgeshire

Groups of doctors work together in Local Commissioning Groups (LCGs) under the umbrella of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

This map shows which GP practices work together in Local Groups.