New homes

Priority: Deliver new homes which support economic success.

CRHB wants to make sure new homes support economic growth and economic activity, carefully locating new housing developments to help reduce the need for long distance commuting and helping employers meet their workforce and recruitment needs.

Also to make every effort to promote employment and training opportunities through housing initiatives.Outline of Upper Cambourne site layout

Where will new homes be built?

Cambridgeshire County Council's Research and Monitoring Team publishes three-monthly data on the status of major housing developments across the county - that is, site with planning permission for 100 or more homes. These sites are visited and updates on progress are published by the County Council.

Every year the Team publishes statistics about housing development on all sizes of site, as part of an annual survey. The latest one was completed for April 2012 to March 2013. Key findings from the survey are published along with links to detailed data on housing development across Cambridgeshire. Please click here to see two maps of housing developments at 31 March 2013.

How does housing contribute to the economy?

Useful data was published by the National Housing Federation in 2013, setting out how housing associations and housing activity are drivers of a growing local local economy, and giving examples of the value they bring. The reports cost out some of the benefits to the both the the Greater Cambridge-Greater Peterborough and the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership areas.

Review of standards for new build homes

Government departments have been working to simplify the standards new homes must be built to. In November 2014, Andy Von Bradsky, chairman of PRP Architects, talked the Housing Development Forum through some of the planned changes. His slides are available here which provide a really useful outline or the review.

Working together

New homes in Ely

Delivering new homes for economic success is a big task. The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) is a major partner as they manage funding and other resources to suport delivery of new homes and communities.

The Greater Cambridge-Greater Peterborough LEP and the New Anglia LEP support economic growth, which links to housing as workers want to live near to jobs in order not to commute too far, and employers need to know housing is available so it is not a barrier to workers taking up ar retaining jobs in their area.

CPL logo

In 2007, cpl formed as strategic partner to deliver homes on three of our larger housing sties, at Cambridge's Southern Fringe, NIAB site and Northstowe. Some 3,300 affordable homes are to be delivered across these sites (see map).

bpha was appointed as the lead registered housing provider to deliver these homes, and is the lead member of Key Communities. In turn, Key Communities is a partnership of seven housing associations, delivering a £200m programme to create high quality affordable homes across East Anglia, East Midlands and the South West.

Plans for new homes

Each district also works hard to secure delivery of affordable housing, particularly on larger housing sites where a mix of tenures and types of homes might be needed. The Strategic Housing Market Assesssment sets out how the need for homes and for affordable homes is identified.

For more on the planning process, please see the Planning pages and our Plans and land page.

In addition, the Cambridgeshire Quality Panel provides scrutiny of development proposals for the major growth sites in Cambridgeshire.

NHF Yes to Homes campaign logoYes to homes

The National Housing Federation is running a campaign called Yes to homes. The campaign aims to help people who support the development of new homes to make their voices heard.

Please visit Yes to homes to find out more.

Our housing market assessment

Relevant chapters from our SHMA are listed below, showing the most recent first.