New housing development surveys

Between 2006 and 2012 Cambridgeshire County Research Group has run a series of postal surveys asking residents of new housing developments about:

  • The home they moved from.
  • The home they moved to and the reasons for choosing it.
  • How many people live in the household.
  • Work, study and travel locations.
  • Their opinions about the area they have moved to.

The surveys have been used to find out more about who moves into new housing developments and some reactions to the developments.  The surveys help us when planning future housing developments and services. Some of the data is used in the Strategic Housing Market Assessment, for example housing choices and the sizes of homes and tenure residents move from and to. Here are links to each of the seven survey reports in date order:

summary report first launched in 2013 compares the findings by geography, development type and with other data sources such as the 2011 Census and English Housing Survey. A new section (added in March 2015 on pages 8 and 9) adds further useful lessons when "planning for new future developments". This slideshow of findings summarises the report.