Future affordability housing projections

'Future Affordability Housing Projections' looks at potential impacts of various reforms on sub-regional housing over the coming ten years. The work was undertaken by the County Research Group in three phases:

1. Tenures and trajectories

Cover of affordability projections summary reportThe first phase looks at predicted housing stock and affordable tenure mix (published 2011) (pdf 201.04 KB).

2. Incomes and affordability

The second phase of the project looks at affordability of different tenures for different groups of residents (published 2012) (pdf 249.86 KB).

3. Applicants and availability

The third phase of the project looks at future (projected) social housing lettings and who may take up those lettings (published 2013) (pdf 266 KB).


A final discussion note summarises each of the three phases and raises some key strategic questions and issues to monitor in future.