Existing homes


CRHB works with partners to raise the standard of existing homes and encourage best use of all homes.

The sub-regional pictureImage of residential street in Cambridge

Partners across the housing sub-region work together to

  • improve housing conditions
  • improve energy efficiency
  • reduce the risks posed by poor quality and unsuitable housing particularly for vulnerable people
  • help bring empty homes back into use
  • work to reduce both under-occupation and overcrowding.

Green Deal funded external insulation

Eastfield - before renovation

Eastfield-after renovation

These lovely pictures show properties in Eastfield, Chesterton - owned and managed by Hundred Houses Society - before and after Green Deal funded external insulation. You can find out more about the work on the Hundred Houses website.

Action plan

Please click here to find the housing board's action plan 2016-17 as set out at the start of the year.

If you visit the CRHB meeting page, you'll find regular updates to the action plan.