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About tenancy strategies and tenancy policies

When it came into power in 2011, the government introduced ‘affordable rents’ for social housing being let by registered providers (meaning councils, housing associations and others who own and manage social housing). Affordable rents can be set at up to 80% of the local market rent.

Registered providers were also given the flexibility to be able to let homes for a fixed term, enabling a review of the tenants circumstances every so often and reducing the number of tenants on a "lifetime tenancy".

This all came into force as part of the Localism Act 2011 (opens the Local Government Association's guide to the Act).

To make sure the new rents and felxibilities were used proprly, the goverment required local authorities to publish a tenancy strategy, setting out its view of affordable housing tenures and how it sees each housing "optinon" fitting in to the local housing market.

Registered providers were also required to publish a tenancy policy, setting out how they will use the different legal / tenancy products in their housing stock.

In the tenancy strategy, a local authority may give guidance to providers about:

  • the kinds of tenancies they grant
  • the circumstances in which they will grant a tenancy of a particular kind
  • where they grant tenancies for a term certain, the lengths of the terms and
  • the circumstances in which they will grant a further tenancy on the coming to an end of an existing tenancy.

Local tenancy strategies

Local tenancy policies

Organisations which manage social and affordable housing, such as housing associations and some local authorities, will have a tenancy policy. This sets out the providers approach to the kinds of tenancies they will use for example starter tenancies, affordable rent, and flexible tenancies; what rent levels they will set and how long they will let a home for - as not all social housing is let on a "lifetime" basis.

Tenancy policies are available on housing providers' websites and may be updated every now and then. Here are some local examples. Where possible we have provided a link to the page to make sure you find the most up-to-date policy:

We would like to include lins to every provider's tenancy policy in our area. If you'd like to share your tenancy policy here, please contact us.


Homelessness strategies

Each district also has its own strategy on how it will work to prevent and tackle homelessness. Here are some links