Housing need: data

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

Our SHMA looks at a wide range of housing issues across the seven districts of our sub-region. Chapters on this page are arranged by theme, bringing together themes across the years, as we started publishing back in 2008. If you want to see the whole set of chapters "by year", please visit pur pages for the current version (published 2013) or for all previous versions.

Need for rented housing

Need for intermediate tenures


Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Cambridgeshire Insight Atlases

Cambridgeshire Insight Open Data

  • Housing needs register applicants parish preference, social rent lettings and bidding behaviour open data (which is used in the parish profiles atlas) available here, with data story here
  • Changes in housing affordability are published in open data format here, drawing together data gathered through the SHMA.
  • Homelessness statistics are published as Open Data here.

Other research

  • We are exploring a new bullein which is focussed on homelessness. It will use data gathered by the Department of Communities and Local Government from local housing authorities here.
  • We are experimenting with a short report bringing the data together across the housing sub-region and Peterborough, to help us compare local issues and trands. Some of the data is gathered every 3 months and some is annual. This is currently at pilot stage so any thoughts and feedback are most welcome.
  • In 2011 our Future Affordability Housing Projections project drew together local information and tried to project how our housing supply and need may change in future. This page provides links to the three stages of the research and summary report.


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