Mental Health

At any one time, at least one person in six is experiencing a mental health condition, and it is the single largest cause of disability in the UK. This is detrimental for the individual and also affects the people around them.  Cambridgeshire's Public Mental Health Strategy 2015-2018 (1.8 MB) focuses on promoting good mental health throughout life, focusing on support for children and young people through schools and reducing social isolation. A summary version of the strategy is also available:  Public Mental Health Strategy Summary 2015-2018 (655.02 KB)

The strategy highlights the positive impact that the wider environment can have on mental health – in particular workplace initiatives and anti-stigma campaigns.  People with severe mental illness often also have poorer physical health and may be more likely to die early from largely preventable causes. The strategy therefore looks at how more people with severe mental illness can be supported to live healthier lives.

Children and Young People's Mental Health

Preventing mental illness and promoting mental health in children and young people is key as half of all lifetime mental health problems begin before the age of 14 years.


Deaths due to suicide and injury of undetermined intent are a significant cause of death in young adults.  Local work includes a suicide prevention strategy and audit of suicide data.

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