General Health and Disability


The 2011 England and Wales Census took place on 27 March 2011, collecting information on demography, ethnicity, language, religion, health, housing, education, the labour market, travel to work and migration.  National and local government, and many other organisations, use this information in a variety of ways, such as allocating funding, planning services, and otherwise understanding local populations.

The second release of data, in December 2012, provided the first sets of topic-specific 'Key' and 'Quick Statistics' by local authority.  Census questions directly related to health covered self-reported general health status, long-term health problems and disability, and provision of unpaid care.  Our 

summarises the health data for Cambridgeshire and its districts, comparing data across the county, with the England average, and with figures from the 2001 Census.

Further releases in May 2013 made these data available by age and sex and at ward level.  This allowed more detailed analysis of general health status and long-term illness in the county, including the calculation of age-standardised percentages.  Many health conditions are strongly associated with old age, and so areas with higher proportions of older people are likely to have higher proportions in poor health. Age-standardisation of the data allows more valid comparison between areas by adjusting for the confounding effect of age.  We have produced reports and accompanying datasets to present these data for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.


Tables, figures, maps, and appendices in Excel:


Tables, figures, maps, and appendices in Excel:


Wider determinants of health

Data on health and other topics, many of which can be considered as wider determinants of health, are presented in the Census 2011 interactive atlas and as useful ward and parish profiles, prepared by Cambridgeshire County Council's Research & Performance Team.


Further information

More detail on the 2011 Census is available on the Office for National Statistics website and via NOMIS.


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