CCG/LCG Profiles

Our  CCG/LCG Public Health Profiles (153.38 KB) (March 2016) present data at LCG level for demography, deprivation, life expectancy, births, recorded disease prevalence and mortality, with comparisons to CCG rates. The profiles highlight the variation within the CCG which can reflect geographical differences and socio-economic circumstances.

A copy of the profiles is also available in Excel: CCG/LCG Public Health Profiles (Excel) (487.84 KB)


Data in the profiles relate to the eight LCGs prior to April 2016.  Hunts Care Partners and Hunts Health LCGs have merged to form Hunts System LCG; Borderline and Peterborough LCGs have merged to form Greater Peterborough LCG.

Some of the LCGs in Cambridgeshire cross administrative boundaries and in some cases data for areas outside Cambridgeshire and Peterborough local authorities were not available.