Existing homes: data

House condition surveys

Periodically, district housing teams commission a survey of housing conditions, surveying a sample of privately owned and rented homes, so they can monitor the physical condition of homes and plan any action needed, accordingly.

Sometimes surveys also cover housing association homes. Some surveys look only at the outside condition of homes (roofs, windows, walls, wind and weather-tightness) and some include surveys of the inside of homes too (with the occupant's agreement). These can tell much more about housing conditions, energy efficiency, and whether homes reach the decent homes standard and/or pose a risk to health and safety.

Here are links to some recent housing condition surveys (usually for a sample of privately owned and rented homes) for the Cambridge housing sub-region. Such surveys are normally carried out every five years or maybe longer, and aim to help councils monitor conditions in housing across their area in order to plan investment or other action particularly for the homes in the worst condition, and/or where the most vulnerable residents are living.


Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

Our SHMA looks at a wide range of housing issues across the seven districts of our sub-region. Chapters on this page are arranged by theme, bringing together themes across the years, as we started publishing back in 2008. If you want to see the whole set of chapters "by year", please visit pur pages for the current version (published 2013) or for all previous versions.

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 Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

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Other research

  • We have piloted a new data atlas looking at housing stock condition, You can find the new atlas here.