Foundation course: Health intelligence for commissioning

March 2014

The Foundation Course is free, there is no charge.

Lead person: James Harrison

As part of this we aim to improve the understanding, analysis and application of public health intelligence to improve health in the East of England. This year we will be running courses addressing the knowledge and skills needs of analysts, researchers, health improvement information professionals and commissioners in consortia, CCGs, NHS England, local authorities and other organisations in the East of England.

There are two main aims:

  • To improve understanding and interpretation of health intelligence through practical examples.
  • To aid effective commissioning and needs assessment.

You will learn to:

  • Learn what health intelligence is and how it can be used in commissioning.
  • Define and understand your target population.
  • Use data to assess need.
  • Understand health inequalities.
  • Interpret health profiles and other common visual representations of health information.
  • Learn the principles behind using data to monitor and evaluate performance and outcomes and to set and measure targets
  • Interpret funnel plots.

Who will benefit

  • Anyone involved directly with the commissioning cycle.
  • Local Authorities
  • Third sector partners.
  • New Public Health Analysts who have no previous knowledge of public health issues.
  • Health Improvement Analysts, Managers, Facilitators.
  • The wider CCG workforce who need to understand how health intelligence can inform decision making.

Course date and location

  • March 18 and 19, 2014, Cambridge

If you are interested in hearing more about the Foundation Course please contact James Harrison

For more details, please visit: