Household Income

Household Income

CACI is the UK’s largest consumer and market analysis company, and a leading provider of marketing solutions and information systems.

PayCheck is CACI’s estimate of household income at postcode level. It is based upon government data sources together with income data for millions of UK homes collected from lifestyle surveys and guarantee card returns.

PayCheck models gross income before tax and covers income from every source, including investments, income support and welfare.

PayCheck provides an estimate of income for every postcode in the UK, and is available to purchase from CACI.

Cambridgeshire County Council Research and Performance Team holds PayCheck 2009 data for every postcode in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

From these income bands at postcode level, Cambridgeshire County Council Research and Performance Team provides estimates of gross household income at ward, district and county level as follows:

  • Number of households in each area
  • Percentage of households in each of 21 income bands
  • Median income for each area

These estimates are available to download from the link below.

Household Income Data