Migrant Workers 2009





In recent years the level of international migration into the UK, and into Cambridgeshire, has increased. International migrants in Cambridgeshire come from all over the world and with different socio-economic backgrounds. There are a number of categories of migrants and they are not a homogeneous group. In the majority of cases, international migrants are working age population who work in different sectors of the economy (migrant workers). They provide much needed labour and skills for local business as well as vital public services and thus help to deliver higher living standards and a wider choice of better and more affordable products and services to local people. It is important that international migrants’ diversity are taken into account when accessing their needs.

This JSNA focuses on the current and future needs of international migrants in Cambridgeshire but also reflects the focus of interest on those coming to the UK from the A8 states (The European Union Accession countries, the 10 countries that joined the EU in 2004 except Malta and Cyprus) to take up work, as well as the greater availability of data relating to the working migrant population.

The information and data used in this JSNA come from a variety of sources. Where possible local data are used mainly from Cambridgeshire County Council. Where local data are not available, information from research carried out at a regional or national level is used as evidence.


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