Older People's Services and Financial Review 2012


Addressing the needs outlined in the JSNA, together with locally identified priorities, will form the basis of the overall strategy for health and wellbeing in Cambridgeshire, and is the heart of the new commissioning arrangements for health and social care.

With the current financial constraints, it is vital that across the public sector we review how money is spent on behalf of the population in order that the benefits of services are maximised and that we achieve the best possible outcomes.

To assist the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board with developing the overall strategy, two elements of JSNA work completed in 2012.  They are:-

The JSNA 2012 Summary Report  was approved by the shadow Health and Wellbeing Board on 11 April 2012. The  JSNA 2012 Summary report provides a brief report covering the entire breath of the JSNA work to date.   It is designed to identify and flag key pieces of information about the health and wellbeing needs of people who live in Cambridgeshire.

In order for the JSNA to fully support joint health and wellbeing strategy development, a brief overview of NHS and social care spend in the county has been included in the report.

The report concludes with five key health and wellbeing needs in Cambridgeshire, identified from the Cambridgeshire JSNA.

The aim of the Older People’s JSNA service and financial review was to understand the bigger picture of how local public sector resources in Cambridgeshire are used to meet the health and wellbeing needs of older people.

There is a clear message from the review that ‘older people’ are not a homogenous group, and that in general the pattern of use of health and social care services by people aged 65-74 is very different from use of services by people aged over 85. Understanding resource use for older people across the different local public sector organisations in this way will support the integrated planning and delivery of services.

Report and Supporting Documents