Community Views 2008





The ‘Community Views’ JSNA for Cambridgeshire was carried out in 2008. Its purpose was to bring together in one document, existing knowledge about the views of people in Cambridgeshire on health and wellbeing issues, and the views of particular communities and patient/service user groups on issues of particular relevance to them.  It brought together a wide range of information from existing surveys and consultations carried out by the local NHS, Cambridgeshire County Council, and various national bodies.

This information supplemented the statistical information provided in the first phase of JSNA to give a more rounded and holistic view of local health and wellbeing needs.

It is unlikely that the Community Views JSNA will be repeated, since available information on community views from new surveys and consultations is now included in mainstream JSNA work. But the document provides a strong baseline summary of the views expressed by a wide range of local people.