Thank you for completing the Budget Consultation

Many thanks for completing the 2014 budget consultation. Your views are very important to us and will be used to inform the setting of priorities and the County Council's budget for the coming year. The results will be made available on the Council website following the analysis of results in October.

In coming years we are also considering setting up online focus groups to support the budget planning process, as well as to guide us with public perceptions in general. If you are willing to get involved then we would love to hear from you - please e-mail us. You can opt out from this at any time.


We are consulting with businesses in Cambridgeshire to get their views on specific issues on the budget for the coming year. If you run a business in the county, the consultation can be accessed here. We are also attending key events to meet with businesses directly, including Chamber of Commerce meetings and the 2014 Cambridge B2B Event.

Members of the public are being consulted via an online survey, through attendance at some key events, and via a door-to-door household survey.

If you would like to invite us to discuss the consultation at your event, please get in touch.


If you would like to be advised of new consultations being run by the County Council, please email us at, including the word "register" in the subject field.


Click here to get more information on public service consultation - for the County Council, districts and for Central Government.