Victim Offender Needs Assessment

Since 2012 the Research Group haaas been commissioned to provide an overview of victims and offenders in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough for the Police and Crime Commissioner (Police Authority as was). The first report published in 2012 was a detailed needs assessment of both victims and offenders and involved a deailted analysis of the data and interviews with key stakeholders. The Victims' section of the report has been updated twice since and all the report can be found at the bottom of this page. The most recent being the 2015 report, published this year and also included the publication of an infographic and a presentation for senior police offcers and the prospective cadidates for the Police and Crime Commissioner, the slides are also available below.






Supplementary Witness Report 2012

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Research Team were commissioned by the Cambridgeshire Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner to carry out a piece of supplementary research to the Victim and Offender Needs Assessment. This work needed to focus on the experience and needs of witnesses.

The research was limited to ten days work covering four main areas:

  • A literature review

  • An assessment of local data sources

  • Interviews with people who worked with witnesses

  • A sample of interviews with people who had recently been witnesses

The witness interview sample was fitting given the limited scale and scope of this study; a total of eight full interviews were completed. These interviews served to add a ‘local’ voice to information from national studies that featured larger sample sizes. The main emerging recommendation was that witnesses would benefit from an early needs assessment and the commissioning of services to support witnesses at an earlier stage in Cambridgeshire could lead to more focused support - particularly for those who feel intimidated, younger witnesses and other vulnerable groups.


Victim and Offender Needs Assessment-Updated May 2013 (PDF 2 MB)

Victim and Offender Needs Assessment - Executive Summary Updated May 2013 (PDF 142 K)

Victim and Offender Needs Assessment-July 2012 (PD 1.76 MB)

Supplementary Witness Report - Nov 2012 (PDF 380KB)