Intergrated Offender management performance report

The Research and Performance team at Cambridgeshire County Council were commissioned to produce the first Integrated Offender Management (IOM) performance report for Cambridgeshire under the new agreed performance framework. This was produced in June 2013 and finalised in September 2013.

The report had two questions to answer:

1.What were the initial performance results for the first cohort of the Integrated Offender Management scheme (IOM) offenders using the new performance framework?

2. What were the limitations of the methodology and areas for improvement?

The report manages to do this and is split into two sections for ease of reading.

The first question examines convictions for a cohort of offenders on the Integrated Offender Management (IOM) scheme in a specified monitoring period, and compares them with a baseline period.

This report excludes the Peterborough data at this time. In the production of this report there has been close working between the two authorities. A joint methodology for data collection has been agreed. Currently a separate report is available for the Peterborough cohort.