Cambridge City

Cambridge City Community Safety Partnership

From 2016/17, the Cambridgeshire Research Group produces quarterly strategic assessments for the Cambridge City Community Safety Partnership.  The partnership has a continuous assessment process that allows for strategic planning throughout the year. Whilst each document will provide an overview of the partnership’s performance during the year, the aim of each document will be to gain a better understanding of key issues in the district. The continuous assessment consists of 4 quarterly documents, each focusing on a different key theme.  For the 2016/17 financial year, these themes are:

Quarter One: Dwelling burglary and personal property crime

Quarter Two: Anti-social behaviour within vulnerable groups

Quarter Three: All violence including domestic abuse

Quarter Four: Exploitation and a end of year review

For more information about partnership follow the link below.

Cambridge City Council Community Safety Partnership webpages

In the past, the partnership has used an annual strategic assessment, with brief quarterly updates, to discuss and agree its priorties and to formulate the action plan.  From the 2016/17, the partnership will receive quarterly assessments and brief quarterly updates.  All quarterly assessments will be published below.