The population of Cambridgeshire is increasingly diverse.  Across the county almost 9.5% of school children are from a Black or Minority ethnic group, including Gypsy/Travellers.  The south of Cambridge City had the highest proportion of Minority ethnic families - in January 2009 25.4% of school pupils were from this group.  There were also significant minority ethnic communities in other parts of the county, notably Pakistanis in Huntingdonshire, Gypsy/Roma in Fenland and Indians and Irish Travellers in South Cambridgeshire.  Increasing numbers of migrant workers, chiefly from Eastern Europe and Portugal, live throughout the county.  Many children of minority ethnic heritage, particularly those from the Gypsy/Traveller, Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities, have not enjoyed the same level of educational outcomes as the majority.  However, in Cambridge City particularly there are also children of visiting academics or business people who may be high achievers.