Electoral Divisions

Census 2011 electoral division database

A wealth of data has been published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) from the 2011 Census.  Much of this data can be sourced on the ONS or the Neighbourhood Statistics website.

However, for your convenience, the Research and Performance Team have developed an excel database of 2011 Census data to provide ease of access to Cambridgeshire data at the electoral division level.

The electoral division profile sheet within the database is formatted so that profiles can be printed off as a two-page handout.

Data can also be viewed by topics, such as population, religion, or qualifications.

Databases are also available for  parishward, market town and district levels.

**Please note that, in more recent versions of Excel, you may need to 'enable editing' once opening the below file**

Screenshot of Research and Performance Team 2011 Census Database (Electoral Divisions)