Children and Young People Census 2011 Report

This report presents information about children and young people in Cambridgeshire, based on data from the 2011 Census. For the purpose of this report, data relates to dependent children where possible. Where data on dependent children was not available at the time of writing, then data for all resident children is included.

A dependent child can be defined as any person aged 0 to 15 in a household (whether or not in a family) or a person aged 16 to 18 in full-time education and living in a family with his or her parent(s) or grandparent(s). It does not include any people aged 16 to 18 who have a spouse, partner or child living in the household.

On Census day 2011, there were 128,393 dependent children living in Cambridgeshire, making up 20.7% of the total population of the county.

This report covers various topics, including:

  • Population characteristics - age structure, ethnicity, religion, main language spoken, and proficiency in English
  • Household composition and housing - family composition, type of accomodation, tenure, overcrowding, central heating, car/van availability
  • Socio-economic characteristics of households - general health, long-term illness or disability, provision of unpaid care, employment status of adults in a household, socio-economic classification of household reference person, highest level of qualifications of parents
  • Young people of working age - social grade, economic status, industry and occupation

Additional information about children in Cambridgeshire can be found on the Education and Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and pages.