New Communities 2010


Unlike other JSNAs, the JSNA for New Communities focuses on the health and wellbeing needs of new communities which do not yet exist. While all JSNAs make some assumptions about future changes in the size and needs of the population to plan for their health and wellbeing needs, these extrapolations are generally based on fairly stable estimates in existing populations. For new settlements this is more difficult as some of the residents will come to Cambridgeshire from other parts of the UK and the world, while others already live near to the new community. Every new community is different and while lessons learnt from experiences in one community can inform planning for another there must necessarily be caution in transferring these lessons from one setting to another.
The JSNA aims is to provide information on the likely profile of residents in new developments and to collate information about the factors that influence health and wellbeing in these communities. However, new communities do not develop in isolation from existing communities and the character of new communities is determined by much more than the physical infrastructure. Furthermore, communities continue to develop for decades after building has stopped.

Report and Supporting Documents