Cambridgeshire Insight Blog

Fri, 28 February, 2014
OverviewThe Cambridgeshire research group have created these population pyramids so that locally you can see the profiles by district of victimisation and offending. This is to help local service...
Tue, 11 February, 2014
While wind and rain have been bigger problems than excessive cold this winter, data from the DECC suggests there are between 2-3 million households in England struggling to heat their homes and meet...
Wed, 18 December, 2013
Seasonal bulletinWe have just launched the latest housing market bulletin for the Cambridge housing sub-region.
Fri, 29 November, 2013
Mike Soper gets his teeth into Insight Before putting together a website like Cambridgeshire Insight we have to challenge ourselves as to why we are doing it? One glance at Cambridgeshire County...
Thu, 12 September, 2013
 New Planning Portal and Guidance launched by the Government
Fri, 30 August, 2013
New planning guidance on market assessments   The government has issued draft guidance on its new planning portal. This includes guidance on housing and economic market assessments.