Housing open data gets certified

Local Housing Allowance changes and open data certificates

What's it all about?

The data from the Cambridgeshire Atlas | Local Housing Allowance changes has been awarded open data certification from the Open Data Institute (ODI).

The certification is a simple three step process:

  1. Publish your data.
  2. Check your data using the ODI questionnaire.
  3. Share the data with its certificate.

The ODI questionnaire asks how often your data is updated, details of its format, who is publishing and about its source. This allows everyone who wants to use the data to find and use it easily and to explore and share it with minimum fuss.

Here is the ODI video explaining data certification



About the LHA changes data

Our Local Housing Allowance changes data is important for the open data community as it shows the local effect of some national changes to the way these allowances are calculated. This can have a vast array of uses for interested parties and illustrates how publishing data in an open and clear fashion helps show some local impacts of national policy changes.

Looking good...

So what does the certificate for Local Housing Allowance data look like? There are two ways of showing our data is ODI verified:

  • ODI Badge: This badge displays the status of the data, a basic description and a link to the full certificate.
  • Full certificate - gives all the details of the data including the who, what and when around that dataset.

What's next?

Well for the Cambridgeshire Insight Project Team, we’ve been asking our data community what their needs are. Following this feedback we are looking at what to publish next.
We are delighted, as the LHA data certification is the first housing dataset, the first Cambridgeshire dataset; and the first county council dataset nationally. For us, its the first of many datasets we aim to publish for our community.

For you, why don't you explore some of the open data resources available (see links below) and try verifying some data. Do you have data which could get an ODI certificate?

The beauty of the ODI process is that it allows open verification of data by the crowd, so you, as our wider  community can have a say in whether the data is valid or not.

Have a go, start validating. And enjoy!


Sue Beecroft (Sub-regional housing strategy co-ordinator) and Hendrik Grothuis (Research Manager-Local Intelligence)