Have your say: New planning guidance on housing and economic market assessments

New planning guidance on market assessments


The government has issued draft guidance on its new planning portal. This includes guidance on housing and economic market assessments.

Here is a link to the site, though it seems some people are having issues with access. Planning Portal 

To help, a pdf is available on Cambridgeshire Insight, bringing together the five guidance documents launched on the planning portal which relate to housing and economic assessment.

We hope this helps you access the draft guidance, and to respond to the CLG consultation.

Links are included in the note to enable readers to find each section on the planning portal. This note merely aims to overcome frustrations accessing the draft guidance should technology form a barrier.

Some paragraph numbering has been added to the note, to assist when the draft is being discussed.

CLG is requesting responses to the portal, and the draft guidance, by 9 October 2013.