Cambridgeshire: A growing and ageing population

The Research Group has published its latest 2012-base population forecasts for districts and wards.

Cambridgeshire was the fastest growing county authority between 2001 and 2011 and we expect growth to continue. The number of people living in the county is expected to increase from 627,000 in 2012 to 769,000 in 2031.

Our forecasts are “housing-led” in that they are based on the future housing figures in the emerging district local plans.  We forecast the number of dwellings in the county to increase from 260,000 to 336,000.

All age groups are expected to increase in size, with notable increases in the population aged over 65 by 2031.

The population forecasts presented here run higher than in the previous ones (2010-base). This is largely because the population recorded by the 2011 Census was higher than previously thought, and there are more dwellings expected to be built in the period up to 2031, for example the proposed new town at Alconbury Weald is included in this forecast.

More information can be found on the population and demographics pages of Cambridgeshire Insight.