Do you know how many people report a crime in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough?

Under reporting of crime is an emerging isssue locally, and Nationally. Police and Crime Cmmisisoners are very much concerned about this and want to improve crime reporting across the nation. With this aim in mind, the Police and Crime Commisisioner for Cambridgeshire commissioned Cambridgeshire Research Group to conduct local research on under reporting of crime in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Part of this project was an international literature review to gain a greater undersatnding of the  what leads a vicim to report a crime or not. This provided the context for the findings of a local survey of victims and witnesses. The following flowchart represents an overview of all those factors, and can be viewed on page 22 of the report.

Understanding the basic factors for non-reporting of crime was not sufficient and to apply them to a local context we studied the local profile of all victims. The victim profile in the form of a pyramid is presented to better understand the age group and gender most frequently reporting victimisation. Below is a screenshot of victim profile for Cambridge City.

You can see the pyramid for 2013/14 on page 32 of the report.

Are you interested in the victim profile for your district? Please visit the link below

Furthermore to provide for local victims we needed to know the actual statistics from local people to understand the real situation and therefore we carried out a local survey across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. We tried to reach as many people as possible from all walks of life to have an un-biased and statistically robust survey. We did a consultation online as well as contacting people who work directly with victims. We received a good response from 321 respondents. According to the survey only 41% of the witnesses and 67% of the victims reported a crime in last 12 months’ time. To know more about the survey and know the demographics of the respondents please see the page 42 of the report.

It was important to listen to victims directly and those working with victims and witnesses. Below is an example of what they had to say, in particular their suggestions for improving the rate of reporting. For more examples of their feedback see page 50 of the report.

“Reassurance from Police Service that police officer(s) will attend when a crime is reported. A visible presence of police officers 'on the ground' would make the public more supportive of the service. Sadly both of these elements are lacking in the current police set-up.” - Victim

 “Most of the women and girls I have worked with (around 90%) have not chosen to report. For those who have, their main reason was usually that they hoped it would make the sexual violence stop, or that they wanted to protect others from being abused by the same perpetrator."- Professional

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