Latest housing market bulletin launched, 17/12/2012

Housing market bulletin

Sue Beecroft said "I am really pleased to have launched our latest housing market bulletin today, looking at house prices and numbers of sales, affordability and private rent levels across our housing market area. This Bulletin continues our three-monthly updates on the housing market.
All fifteen Bulletins can now be found here.

The latest Bulletin shows 3,418 sales completing between July and September 2012; a slight increase on the 3,180 sales completing between April and June 2012. The average price to sell across the seven districts in our market area was around £240,000 - an increase on our June 2012 average of around £231,000. However there is a lot of variation between districts. All this is set out in graphs, maps and tables in the Bulletin.

For the first time, we have included a special two-page spread on private renting and private rent levels in our area.

Your comments and suggestions to improve the Bulletin are always welcome, please get in touch if you have ideas for the next edition, due out in February 2013. Please send your feedback to