We are releasing more open data this year: What do you want to see?

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Cambridgeshire Insight was recently awarded £65,000 through the Local Government Association to add an Open Data Platform to the existing website.  This is great news as it will enable us to release much more information in a more usable format.

We would love to hear from the data-using community in Cambridgeshire and beyond about what sort of datasets you want released.

As background (and shamelessly ripping off someone else’s blog for the moment) “Open data is publicly released raw data, often from the government or public services, which is made available to everyone so they are free to use or reuse it any way they like. While it can be read by individuals, for example in a spreadsheet, it is primarily designed to be ‘machine-readable’, so it can be inserted directly into computer programmes written by those outside government”.

You might want to see data released to:

The survey is now closed.  Please Contact Us with any queries you may have.

We will also be holding a few online discussion groups for people to get involved in so let us know if you would like to be part of these.

That’s not to say that all open data should be provided by government.  Telefonica’s Smart Steps product based on the movements of mobile phone users could be an extremely useful measure of the relative health of town centres.  At the moment though commercialisation of the data means that reports at a local level aren’t freely available.


Michael Soper

Research and Performance Team