Assessment of housing and economic development needs: National Planning Practice Guidance


New Planning Portal and Guidance launched by the Government

Over the last week or so, Sue Beecroft and the Strategic Housing Market Assessment  (SHMA) project team have been looking at guidance launched by the government on its new Planning Portal.

The Portal was launched in a “test” version at the end of August 2013. The test version (known as “beta”) is open to explore and comment on until 9 October 2013. After that, CLG finalise both the site and the guidance and launch later this year.

This means that for the first time, national planning practice guidance will be available entirely online in an up-to-date, usable and accessible way. The resource was developed following recommendations of the External Review of Planning Practice Guidance, led by Lord Taylor of Goss Moor.

CLG is gathering feedback on both the content of the draft planning practice guidance, and the usability and functionality of the web-based resource and welcome your comments.

National Planning Guidance screenshot


Sue points out “The planning practice guidance includes a section on housing and economic market assessments so it’s important our SHMA team and partners see it, and think though any implications.”

If you want investigate the new Portal, this link will take you there: Planning Portal.  Unfortunately some users have found the portal tricky, partly for technical reasons related to web browsers and possibly due to a lot of visitors to the site creating a heavy traffic flow!

Sue continues “To help, we’ve created a helpful pdf note bringing together the five sections of guidance on housing and economic assessments, in case partners are having trouble with the Portal. It’s important people have time to think through the new guidance, so we hope the note helps overcome any technological issues and gives people who are having trouble with accessing the Portal, more time to make helpful remarks and feedback on the draft guidance.”

Links are included in the note to help readers to find each section on the Portal itself. And paragraph numbers have been added to our note, to help when the draft is being discussed or referred to.

Here is a link to the note: (200.18 KB)

(200.18 KB)



 National Planning Practice Guidance-Assessment of housing and economic development needs: draft

CLG is requesting responses to the Portal, and to the draft guidance, by 9 October 2013.

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