How much do you know about housing in your area? - Quiz answers

Last week I put up some questions about housing. All the answers were available in the new housing profiles atlas, but for anyone who didn’t get round to it, here are the answers and how to find them in the interactive atlas:

1. There are 9 wards outside of Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire where the Average House Price in the second half of 2013 was greater than £325,656

  • Change the geography to ward level data using the Change Geography Button button
  • In the data explorer, choose Housing Market Indicators > Average House Price > Jul-Dec 2013. The map shows 3 areas each in East Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire and St Edmundsbury shaded in the darkest colour.

2. Out of Fordham and Bottisham, Fordham has the highest average number of bids per property in East Cambridgeshire.

  • Looking at the parish level data, click the  button to just look at East Cambridgeshire.
  • In the data explorer, select at Social rented lettings and turnover > Number of properties advertised. Select Fordham and Bottisham from the map and look at the bar chart
  • In the data explorer, select at Social rented lettings and turnover > Average bids per property. Look at the bar chart again. From the previous selection, the highlighted bars for these two areas were the same size and next to each other. Fordham is now the largest bar on the chart. The bar for Bottisham is about half the size. Hover the mouse pointer over the highlighted bars to see exact values.

3. South Cambridgeshire has the lowest percentage of households living in the private rented sector (12% compared to 17% for the country as a whole).

  • Select Tenure > Private Rented > percentage from the data explorer. As district level comparator data for this indicator is included in both the ward and parish level data, it doesn't matter which geography you choose to look at for this answer.
  • Look at the Select a comparator box. This shows the data for the districts and some other comparator geographies, in alphabetical order. Selecting on the column heading for Private Rented (percentage) in this box will order these comparators by size from smallest to largest and puts South Cambridgeshire at the top of the list

4. Ellington has the highest average number of bedrooms per household in the sub-region (3.5). The average for the sub-region is 2.9.

  • Looking at ward level data, select Bedrooms per household > average number of bedrooms > average from the Data Explorer.
  • Hover the mouse over the tallest bar on the bar chart. To show the sub-region average as a line on the bar chart, select the sub-region from the Select a comparator box.

Comparator and bar chart

5. The median earnings for residents of Cambridge in 2013 was c) £29,728 per year. £27,076 was the median for England, £28,220 was the median for the East of England and Huntingdonshire and £33,010 was the amount for South Cambridgeshire.

  • Looking at the ward level data, select median annual earnings > 2013 > pounds from the data explorer.
  • The data is most clearly seen in the Select a comparator box.

Hope you found this quiz interesting. Further information about housing across the Cambridge sub-region  including the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA), new development surveys and other interactive atlases is available at


If you have questions about this atlas, housing data or suggestions for additional data to include in it, please contact

Polly Jackson

Senior Research Officer – Housing

Cambridgeshire Research Group