Cambridgeshire Insight - public health atlas

David Lea looks at public health data and changes in Cambridgeshire

We have just developed our first district and county level Instant Atlas based data dissemination tool, which is now live on Cambridgeshire Insight at This builds on the previous ward level health atlas and provides the latest available data by local authority district for a number of key indicators relating to the health of the local population.  Data presented include population estimates, deprivation, mortality, lifestyles and sexual health.  Links to a number of other key pubic health information resources can also be found on Cambridgeshire Insight at

Screenshot of JSNA health atlas

The pages also build on the progress made with the JSNA website at



The move of public health to the County Council, and the development of Cambridgeshire InSight, present an exciting opportunity for us make public health data and information more accessible within a modern web-based environment. We hope to see Cambridgeshire Insight as the primary place to publish important public health data and look forward to being involved closely in the future development of the website. We therefore see the web pages above as the start of an ongoing process of drawing together and integrating a wider range of data and information in a variety of formats with the aim of enhancing accessibility for both professionals and the public. This will include both the results of local analytical work, but also summaries and integrated links to the wealth of public health and health information published by other organisations.



If we can achieve this we hope that Cambridgeshire Insight will become the first port of call for public health data for Cambridgeshire. We also hope that the site enables the integration of data from a range of Council teams and partners, so we can really build a picture of the experience of the population of Cambridgeshire.

We very much look forward to continuing to work with the Research and Performance team, other colleagues within the Council and other partners to build Cambridgeshire InSight.


David Lea, Assistant Director Public Health Intelligence, Cambridgeshire County Council, 10th April 2013.