How much do you know about housing in your area? - Quiz

New housing profiles for the Cambridge sub-region are now available on Cambridgeshire Insight at

The profiles contain information about population, housing stock, the housing market and affordable housing. Here is a short quiz about housing in Cambridgeshire (all answers can be found in the profiles).

  1. There are 32 wards in the sub-region where the Average House Price in the second half of 2013 was greater than £325,656. How many of these were not in South Cambridgeshire or Cambridge City?
    1. 0
    2. 5
    3. 9
    4. 16
  2. The sub-region operates a choice-based lettings system for social rented properties. This means local authorities advertise avaialble proeprties for rent and people on the register bid for the properties advertised.
    In East Cambridgeshire between 2008 and 2013 there were 73 properties advertised for rent in the parishes of Bottisham and Fordham. Which area had the higher number of average bids per property?
    1. Bottisham
    2. Fordham
  3. Which district has the lowest proportion of households living in the private rented sector?
    1. St Edmundsbury
    2. South Cambridgeshire
    3. Fenland
    4. Huntingdonshire
  4. On average there are 3 bedrooms per household in Huntingdonshire. Which ward in Huntingdonshire had the highest average number of bedrooms per household, not just for the district but for the sub-region as a whole?
    1. Earith
    2. Gransden and the Offords
    3. Buckden
    4. Ellington
  5. What was the median amount earned annually by workers resident in Cambridge City in 2013?
    1. £27,076
    2. £28,220
    3. £29,728
    4. £33,010

We are not able to offer any prizes, but I will post the answers on this blog next Wednesday. In the meantime, have fun!