Public Health Away Day, December 2014

The Public Health Directorate of Cambridgeshire County Council held an Away Day in December 2014.  The presentations delivered on the day can be viewed below.

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Introduction and Public Health Update - Liz Robin

1. PHI Session Overview - David Lea

2. Public Health Intelligence - Jon Moore

3. PHE Data Tools - James Harrison (Public Health England)

4. Joint Strategic Needs Assessments - Wendy Quarry

5. PHI Session Wrap-up - David Lea

6. Public Health Programmes - Kate Parker and Penny Miller

7. Older People and Transport & Environment - Angelique Mavrodaris and Emmeline Watkins

8. Mental Health, Community Safety and Children - Emma De Zoete and Holly Gilbert

9. Healthcare Public Health Advice Service and Clinical Policies - Raj Lakshman

10. Health Improvement - Val Thomas, Sarah Stevenson and Ailsa Lyons