Lifelong Learning

Educational attainment is closely linked with health later in life.  The expected standard of performance at the end of Key Stage 4 is five or more GCSEs including English and Maths at grades A*-C.  In Fenland in 2010 less than half (45%) of candidates attained five or more GCSE grades A*-C, compared to over two thirds (68%) in South Cambridgeshire .

By age 19, educational achievement for pupils who were entitled to free school meals is 35% worse than for pupils who were not.

In March 2011 4.8% of the total population cohort aged 16-18 was Not in Education or Training (NEET).

In 2009/10, more than 6,500 people (25-64 age groups) were attending courses in Adult Learning in Cambridgeshire at an average 1.8% of people in the 19 - 64 age group, which was less than in the previous years.  The proportion was smallest in Cambridge City and Fenland.  Identified concerns for the future are the need to increase apprenticeship starts, the decline in other funded employee qualification routes, and unmet needs for skilled workers and workers with sufficient employability skills.